Why Porcelain Floors Can Be Your Next Hardwood for 2015

I tell you what: Joe Delfgauw likes me some good ol’ fashioned porcelain floors, and not just in a museum. Believe it or not, but this real estate market’s seeing a trend, along with many other real estate trends for 2015, in porcelain floors taking a stab in the home design industry. Good-bye outdated tile floors or planks. Porcelain floors give you the imitation wood, but with cost effectiveness and improved maintenance, making it easier to get those stains off the floor and whatnot.

The Benefit of Porcelain Floorsporcelain floor real estate

One look at the words of architect Stephen Alton, and you know you’re dealing with a viable trend. The fact is this — porcelain floors see the same feel and lux as regular hardwood, but with longevity built in. These types of floors last longer.

Additionally, you get great flexibility with colors, textures and other combinations for a bit of personality thrown in with your porcelain floors, so for this new year, you might see quite the valuable option with your home updates. Not only is it not an eyesore, perhaps timeless in its quality, even as a trend — but it’s great for high-traffic areas, hallways, and other regions around the house susceptible to moisture.

This Might Be Something to Consider

Don’t get me wrong, though: those porcelain floors won’t give you the “fancy schmancy” real estate look. But it gets pretty close. Consider the possibilities, research, compare cost, shop around, find what echoes you and your personality, because everybody knows that renovation, design and decor reverberate all that you are, and your family.

In a way, you can consider this your very own personal development regime! Who knew that the floors you walk on (porcelain floors) really do make the man, or woman, or dog, or kid, or guest? This is what makes a home a home.

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