The Unholy Trinity of the Corporate Workplace

I’m not a born-again anything, nor do I invite you to some cult where I sacrifice myself in front of a bunch of cats wearing tuxedos or something. Far from it. As “unholy” as this trinity may be, it’s not like we’re going to go all Moses on you about the corporate workplace and the methodology equated as a type of ‘religion’! Although these are steps you must religiously follow (to a certain degree — don’t start pulling out the rosaries, people) to a tee, as they may ensure your employees are properly motivated every day.

Toxicity, Parting Red Seas, and Lava Lamps

Don’t ever strive to have just a few ‘bad apples’ by the water cooler or copy machine in your corporate workplace. Eliminate all of them. Just ask Britney Spears, people; she knows!employee motivation rosary

As for lava lamps, one college student could learn a lot by just staring at it — especially after a hard day in class — and suddenly come up with inspiration in that young, fertile mind. The result is a power play of promise, ideas sprouted like the seeds of inspiration enflamed with positivity for the future corporate workplace. That’s right: your employees can still learn and learn and learn more and more about their job, their methodology, their best practices. They are still…students in the corporate workplace.

Bear in mind, though, this important fact: you don’t have to accomplish religious feats to ensure your employees and your corporate culture are properly motivated. What worked for Jesus may not work for you at all. Just sayin’. However, the proper vision and leadership — which we can all say has been modeled effectively by many a religious figure in that big holy book — can certainly make a dent.

Knowing the Bottom Line of Motivating Your Employees in the Corporate Workplace

Your “mad money” should be on this, people. Motivation is like LifeLock targeting the baddies from stealing your identity. Your corporate identity even.

Follow these rules down to the letter, and you’ll be as energetic as this dude. Better yet, your employees will be even more energetic about fostering your business success. Just keep them motivated.

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