The Rocky Balboa Guide to Going the Distance in Life

You can, it seems, learn a lot from the Italian Stallion, thanks to Mr. Sylvester Stallone — and soon our own hopeful seed of Apollo Creed will get a taste of what that victory is as well on the silver screen with arguably one of the most powerful sports boxing movie trailers you’ll ever witness. But in all honesty…. We’re not going to be talking about boxing here (at least literally).

Your Life is a Boxing Ring According to Rocky Balboa

Think about it. Your life is a squared circle providing the framework in which you operate. You have certain boundaries; once you step into that ring, it’s all on you like kryptonite on Superman. It’s your game, your match. You have rounds, and your task is to get to the very last one, standing tall and proudly.

More specifically, everything associated with boxing lends characteristics with how you live your life, so pay close attention here. You don’t want Rock bopping you on the head if your eyes aren’t on him:

Roll With the PunchesRocky Balboa

While it’s great to get that knockout in the so-called “first round,” just know that true victory is attained by lasting for every second the way Rocky Balboa did, getting up on your feet and fighting the good fight while trying to dodge anything coming your way. Get quick. Counter. Run up those stairs and throw your fists up in the air. You’re the champ not simply because you landed so many hits — but because no one could hit you that much!

You Are Your Greatest Opponent

We see that with Rocky Balboa times ten. Seriously. He does, in fact, say that. Boxing does happen to be one of the only sports where it’s not just you and the other pugilist in the opposite corner: there are actually four opponents in that ring. You, yourself, your opponent, and your opponent’s doubts/fears.

You, therefore, before trying to tackle any obstacle like Rocky Balboa did — take charge of yourself first. Run circles around yourself. Stick the jab. Wear your fears down before they put you on the ropes and start pummeling you down. Or else you’re defeated even before you step into your ring.

And, as Always, Move Your Feet in the Right Direction

Aggression. Healthy aggression, anyway. And Rocky Balboa said it best: “it’s not about how hard you hit. It’s how hard you get hit…. And keep moving forward.” Because the truth is any challenge coming your way can withstand all sorts of power and aggression — you can tackle that job opening for employment with the best trade secrets, or incorporate as much of your real estate investment strategy as possible to maximize your revenue all you want, but sometimes life won’t go the way you want it to —

So what really matters is will you get back up and keep fighting? A powerful question. And only you can answer it.

Who Knew an Italian Stallion Could Teach Us so Much?

That’s why he’s that guardian angel on our shoulders, right? Right. So get your gloves on. Start training. Your biggest fight is yet to come.

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