Why Being in a Hurry Could Get That Girl Interested in You

Seems contradictory now, doesn’t it? But I assure you: trying to put off a girl in favor of catching a bus might actually get you a date! It’s a crazy thought, but it could¬†work. Here’s why:

Thinking of Spontaneity to Get That Girl Interested in You

Like all other unique ways to get a date, this one echoes that of the man, fleeting, but fun-loving and like a tumbleweed, passing in the wind without a care in the world, seemingly oblivious and charming at the same time. It’s romantic. It’s lighthearted. Women seem to love the man who doesn’t seem to be “after” something (like a playboy after a lay).

That’s where you’ve got a type of Jack Bauer “take no prisoners” sort of man without a care in the world with that persuasive edge. Sexy. Edgy. No time at all for women. A loner. And a loner’s gotta be alone…. “Jessie?” (Love that commercial)

You’ve seen those cheesy westerns, you’ve read those silly love romance books! That man can always get that girl, and the man always seems to act like he doesn’t want any of it! That’s the tactic you need to employ. Act like you’re in a rush. Plant the seed to get that girl interested in you. But wait to water it and let the sunrise arrive for the new day. Be patient. You know the girl won’t.

The Trick Is Getting the Girl Talking, But Then Rush Out Quick

Strike up a conversation to get that girl interested in you. Be lackadaisical even. All of a sudden, you have this impending sense of a doomsday clock that says if you don’t rush to the next street corner for the next trolley or something, you might miss your appointment to save the world from the next comet targeting China. Sorry, but you have to save the world. This loner’s gotta be alone.

(But be sure to do a Columbo — which is a quick turnaround with finger pointed — and say, “uuuuh, can I buy you coffee sometime? What’s your favorite place? Starbucks? Cool! See you at 5PM. Gotta run!”)

Oh, yeah — you get that girl interested in you. Nailed it. You’ve got her hooked, stud.

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