3 Reasons Why Your Gardener’s in Great Shape

Listen: I’ll say this one thing for plenty of cheesy romance novels and shows out there. You’ve got some pretty decent-looking guys and gals out there, and for some reason, most of them happen to have some of the most thankless jobs. Case in point — the gardener (or the pool man). I’ll admit it. Their physiques are phenomenal, but it’s not because they get surgery or go to the gym every day.

NEAT Calories: How Everyday Work Can Keep You Slim and in Great Shapegreat shape gardening

I’m not joking here. Sometimes it’s the job that gets you the great shape. Your everyday life gets you in great shape. You truthfully don’t need the barbells or weight loss balls. You, as a gardener, have the perfect personalized weight loss program, because your everyday activities get you slim without even thinking about it.

  • Raking Leaves — Statistically, one half-hour of just getting the rake and gathering leaves will burn a pretty decent 147 Calories.
  • What About Mowing the Lawn? — You might not feel like you’re doing much except slightly pushing this motorized chop saw around your front yard, but the very act of it will actually burn 205 Calories.
  • Planting Flowers? — Oh, yes. That’ll burn some as well. You can weed and plant daisies to your heart’s content and lose just over 150 Calories each half-hour.

Do the math. As a gardener, if you’re gardening someone’s lawn even just once a day, seven days a week, that’s over 500 Calories you burn daily. That’s 3.5K Calories a week. And you burn that, get in great shape, for just doing your job.

So It’s No Wonder Those Gardeners Out There Are in Great Shape

Maybe I need to take up on pruning hedges. Start a new business that way. Benefit my health. And make a little extra money. After all, I don’t need to spend a full eight hours a day doing the gardening for a customer each day (although that’ll be a ton of Calories I can burn).

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