The Ideal Financial Guru: Balancing “Names” and “Numbers”

In the finance industry, you have two “types” of financial gurus: the passionate, and the personable. One enjoys the thrill of investment forecasting, economics, tax planning, and just plain accounting of numbers — the other’s more about the customer service, consultation, and advisement side of things. What makes this difficult is that both types seem so beneficial, yet when consulting with multiple advisors about your money situation, you’re not even sure what you might need. Do you need the advisement more than the tasks completed? Let’s put it this way — do you need some to balance your checkbook? Or do you need someone to teach you how to do it in the best way?

Or Perhaps You Need Both in a Financial Guru….financial advisor yin yang

That’s the ticket right there! The yin with the yang. The alpha and omega. The top and the bottom.

You figure that out, though, by asking the right question — why did you choose to do what you do? See how clever that is?

Now you may get a complex answer. But that’s okay. Take notes. On Post-Its if you have to. You analyze that answer to the tenth power like your life depended on it, and you can pretty much glean a lot about the particular financial guru you’re considering. If the financial guru or advisor you’re interviewing ends up going on a soapbox about clients and their needs and how he or she had advised them on specific action plans, then you just might have stumbled onto a type of financial guru who’s into the personable style.

However, if the candidate then starts talking about accounting, numbers, mathematics, figures? It’s a fair shake that you’re interviewing a true mathematician, someone who’s passionate about the process itself, and not necessarily about the service.

That Can Aid You in Determining Who’s Right for the Job

Say you’re shopping around for financial advisement, and you have ten candidates. This one simple question can clue you in on the best fit, the best of both worlds. Because in truth, when considering a financial guru to handle your finances and perhaps serve as a fiduciary, one thing’s for sure — you want both the yin and yang on your side.

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