3 Reasons Why Your Gardener’s in Great Shape

Listen: I’ll say this one thing for plenty of cheesy romance novels and shows out there. You’ve got some pretty decent-looking guys and gals out there, and for some reason, most of them happen to have some of the most thankless jobs. Case in point — the gardener (or the pool man). I’ll admit it. Their physiques are phenomenal, but it’s not because they get surgery or go to the gym every day.

NEAT Calories: How Everyday Work Can Keep You Slim and in Great Shapegreat shape gardening

I’m not joking here. Sometimes it’s the job that gets you the great shape. Your everyday life gets you in great shape. You truthfully don’t need the barbells or weight loss balls. You, as a gardener, have the perfect personalized weight loss program, because your everyday activities get you slim without even thinking about it.

  • Raking Leaves — Statistically, one half-hour of just getting the rake and gathering leaves will burn a pretty decent 147 Calories.
  • What About Mowing the Lawn? — You might not feel like you’re doing much except slightly pushing this motorized chop saw around your front yard, but the very act of it will actually burn 205 Calories.
  • Planting Flowers? — Oh, yes. That’ll burn some as well. You can weed and plant daisies to your heart’s content and lose just over 150 Calories each half-hour.

Do the math. As a gardener, if you’re gardening someone’s lawn even just once a day, seven days a week, that’s over 500 Calories you burn daily. That’s 3.5K Calories a week. And you burn that, get in great shape, for just doing your job.

So It’s No Wonder Those Gardeners Out There Are in Great Shape

Maybe I need to take up on pruning hedges. Start a new business that way. Benefit my health. And make a little extra money. After all, I don’t need to spend a full eight hours a day doing the gardening for a customer each day (although that’ll be a ton of Calories I can burn).

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The Rocky Balboa Guide to Going the Distance in Life

You can, it seems, learn a lot from the Italian Stallion, thanks to Mr. Sylvester Stallone — and soon our own hopeful seed of Apollo Creed will get a taste of what that victory is as well on the silver screen with arguably one of the most powerful sports boxing movie trailers you’ll ever witness. But in all honesty…. We’re not going to be talking about boxing here (at least literally).

Your Life is a Boxing Ring According to Rocky Balboa

Think about it. Your life is a squared circle providing the framework in which you operate. You have certain boundaries; once you step into that ring, it’s all on you like kryptonite on Superman. It’s your game, your match. You have rounds, and your task is to get to the very last one, standing tall and proudly.

More specifically, everything associated with boxing lends characteristics with how you live your life, so pay close attention here. You don’t want Rock bopping you on the head if your eyes aren’t on him:

Roll With the PunchesRocky Balboa

While it’s great to get that knockout in the so-called “first round,” just know that true victory is attained by lasting for every second the way Rocky Balboa did, getting up on your feet and fighting the good fight while trying to dodge anything coming your way. Get quick. Counter. Run up those stairs and throw your fists up in the air. You’re the champ not simply because you landed so many hits — but because no one could hit you that much!

You Are Your Greatest Opponent

We see that with Rocky Balboa times ten. Seriously. He does, in fact, say that. Boxing does happen to be one of the only sports where it’s not just you and the other pugilist in the opposite corner: there are actually four opponents in that ring. You, yourself, your opponent, and your opponent’s doubts/fears.

You, therefore, before trying to tackle any obstacle like Rocky Balboa did — take charge of yourself first. Run circles around yourself. Stick the jab. Wear your fears down before they put you on the ropes and start pummeling you down. Or else you’re defeated even before you step into your ring.

And, as Always, Move Your Feet in the Right Direction

Aggression. Healthy aggression, anyway. And Rocky Balboa said it best: “it’s not about how hard you hit. It’s how hard you get hit…. And keep moving forward.” Because the truth is any challenge coming your way can withstand all sorts of power and aggression — you can tackle that job opening for employment with the best trade secrets, or incorporate as much of your real estate investment strategy as possible to maximize your revenue all you want, but sometimes life won’t go the way you want it to —

So what really matters is will you get back up and keep fighting? A powerful question. And only you can answer it.

Who Knew an Italian Stallion Could Teach Us so Much?

That’s why he’s that guardian angel on our shoulders, right? Right. So get your gloves on. Start training. Your biggest fight is yet to come.

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The Ideal Financial Guru: Balancing “Names” and “Numbers”

In the finance industry, you have two “types” of financial gurus: the passionate, and the personable. One enjoys the thrill of investment forecasting, economics, tax planning, and just plain accounting of numbers — the other’s more about the customer service, consultation, and advisement side of things. What makes this difficult is that both types seem so beneficial, yet when consulting with multiple advisors about your money situation, you’re not even sure what you might need. Do you need the advisement more than the tasks completed? Let’s put it this way — do you need some to balance your checkbook? Or do you need someone to teach you how to do it in the best way?

Or Perhaps You Need Both in a Financial Guru….financial advisor yin yang

That’s the ticket right there! The yin with the yang. The alpha and omega. The top and the bottom.

You figure that out, though, by asking the right question — why did you choose to do what you do? See how clever that is?

Now you may get a complex answer. But that’s okay. Take notes. On Post-Its if you have to. You analyze that answer to the tenth power like your life depended on it, and you can pretty much glean a lot about the particular financial guru you’re considering. If the financial guru or advisor you’re interviewing ends up going on a soapbox about clients and their needs and how he or she had advised them on specific action plans, then you just might have stumbled onto a type of financial guru who’s into the personable style.

However, if the candidate then starts talking about accounting, numbers, mathematics, figures? It’s a fair shake that you’re interviewing a true mathematician, someone who’s passionate about the process itself, and not necessarily about the service.

That Can Aid You in Determining Who’s Right for the Job

Say you’re shopping around for financial advisement, and you have ten candidates. This one simple question can clue you in on the best fit, the best of both worlds. Because in truth, when considering a financial guru to handle your finances and perhaps serve as a fiduciary, one thing’s for sure — you want both the yin and yang on your side.

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Why Porcelain Floors Can Be Your Next Hardwood for 2015

I tell you what: Joe Delfgauw likes me some good ol’ fashioned porcelain floors, and not just in a museum. Believe it or not, but this real estate market’s seeing a trend, along with many other real estate trends for 2015, in porcelain floors taking a stab in the home design industry. Good-bye outdated tile floors or planks. Porcelain floors give you the imitation wood, but with cost effectiveness and improved maintenance, making it easier to get those stains off the floor and whatnot.

The Benefit of Porcelain Floorsporcelain floor real estate

One look at the words of architect Stephen Alton, and you know you’re dealing with a viable trend. The fact is this — porcelain floors see the same feel and lux as regular hardwood, but with longevity built in. These types of floors last longer.

Additionally, you get great flexibility with colors, textures and other combinations for a bit of personality thrown in with your porcelain floors, so for this new year, you might see quite the valuable option with your home updates. Not only is it not an eyesore, perhaps timeless in its quality, even as a trend — but it’s great for high-traffic areas, hallways, and other regions around the house susceptible to moisture.

This Might Be Something to Consider

Don’t get me wrong, though: those porcelain floors won’t give you the “fancy schmancy” real estate look. But it gets pretty close. Consider the possibilities, research, compare cost, shop around, find what echoes you and your personality, because everybody knows that renovation, design and decor reverberate all that you are, and your family.

In a way, you can consider this your very own personal development regime! Who knew that the floors you walk on (porcelain floors) really do make the man, or woman, or dog, or kid, or guest? This is what makes a home a home.

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The Unholy Trinity of the Corporate Workplace

I’m not a born-again anything, nor do I invite you to some cult where I sacrifice myself in front of a bunch of cats wearing tuxedos or something. Far from it. As “unholy” as this trinity may be, it’s not like we’re going to go all Moses on you about the corporate workplace and the methodology equated as a type of ‘religion’! Although these are steps you must religiously follow (to a certain degree — don’t start pulling out the rosaries, people) to a tee, as they may ensure your employees are properly motivated every day.

Toxicity, Parting Red Seas, and Lava Lamps

Don’t ever strive to have just a few ‘bad apples’ by the water cooler or copy machine in your corporate workplace. Eliminate all of them. Just ask Britney Spears, people; she knows!employee motivation rosary

As for lava lamps, one college student could learn a lot by just staring at it — especially after a hard day in class — and suddenly come up with inspiration in that young, fertile mind. The result is a power play of promise, ideas sprouted like the seeds of inspiration enflamed with positivity for the future corporate workplace. That’s right: your employees can still learn and learn and learn more and more about their job, their methodology, their best practices. They are still…students in the corporate workplace.

Bear in mind, though, this important fact: you don’t have to accomplish religious feats to ensure your employees and your corporate culture are properly motivated. What worked for Jesus may not work for you at all. Just sayin’. However, the proper vision and leadership — which we can all say has been modeled effectively by many a religious figure in that big holy book — can certainly make a dent.

Knowing the Bottom Line of Motivating Your Employees in the Corporate Workplace

Your “mad money” should be on this, people. Motivation is like LifeLock targeting the baddies from stealing your identity. Your corporate identity even.

Follow these rules down to the letter, and you’ll be as energetic as this dude. Better yet, your employees will be even more energetic about fostering your business success. Just keep them motivated.

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Why Being in a Hurry Could Get That Girl Interested in You

Seems contradictory now, doesn’t it? But I assure you: trying to put off a girl in favor of catching a bus might actually get you a date! It’s a crazy thought, but it could work. Here’s why:

Thinking of Spontaneity to Get That Girl Interested in You

Like all other unique ways to get a date, this one echoes that of the man, fleeting, but fun-loving and like a tumbleweed, passing in the wind without a care in the world, seemingly oblivious and charming at the same time. It’s romantic. It’s lighthearted. Women seem to love the man who doesn’t seem to be “after” something (like a playboy after a lay).

That’s where you’ve got a type of Jack Bauer “take no prisoners” sort of man without a care in the world with that persuasive edge. Sexy. Edgy. No time at all for women. A loner. And a loner’s gotta be alone…. “Jessie?” (Love that commercial)

You’ve seen those cheesy westerns, you’ve read those silly love romance books! That man can always get that girl, and the man always seems to act like he doesn’t want any of it! That’s the tactic you need to employ. Act like you’re in a rush. Plant the seed to get that girl interested in you. But wait to water it and let the sunrise arrive for the new day. Be patient. You know the girl won’t.

The Trick Is Getting the Girl Talking, But Then Rush Out Quick

Strike up a conversation to get that girl interested in you. Be lackadaisical even. All of a sudden, you have this impending sense of a doomsday clock that says if you don’t rush to the next street corner for the next trolley or something, you might miss your appointment to save the world from the next comet targeting China. Sorry, but you have to save the world. This loner’s gotta be alone.

(But be sure to do a Columbo — which is a quick turnaround with finger pointed — and say, “uuuuh, can I buy you coffee sometime? What’s your favorite place? Starbucks? Cool! See you at 5PM. Gotta run!”)

Oh, yeah — you get that girl interested in you. Nailed it. You’ve got her hooked, stud.

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How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign: Go Outside!

You like fresh air? A frisbee? A dog? The blue sky? Perhaps a kite? Green growing grass? If so, you’re in luck: your startup business should do just fine if you run a crowdfunding campaign the right way.

Let’s hope you don’t have allergies.

Outside Promotion Is Key When It Comes to a Crowdfunding Campaign

That means you have to be okay with going out there where all the potential backers, customers and investors are located. This is why Kickstarter isn’t simply a do-it-for-you website, and for sure all sorts of commercial real estate developments would understand that it’s all about collaboration. You literally can’t do it alone. You can’t expect a website like Kickstarter to do it alone as well.

It, therefore, stands to reason that your strategy means the most when it comes to a crowdfunding campaign. Kickstarter, for example, will give you the tools; you use them. And you use them liberally.

What Do You Do With Your Crowdfunding Campaign Effectively?

Share your links. Talk about it extensively on blogs, on the radio, on TV if you can. Advertise. Spread the word beyond that of the actual website.

What then happens is oftentimes you’ll see the backers bleed through the cyberspace walls, offering their donations and getting you closer and closer to your goal. You implement social media to your advantage:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Redditt
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
Go in with guns blazing. Share, share, share. Get feeds set up automatically, and keep posting until your fingertips bleed. Chances are you’ll see the results, and here’s the best part: Kickstarter just might reward you for it.

Think of It as Being in a Bar With a Friend and Talking About the Latest Cool Thing in the Store

When you think of it that way, it shouldn’t be too hard. You just have to do that X amount of times, with X amount of people, for X amount of days. Painstaking and lengthy, yes? Rewarding? Definitely.

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3 Ways to Maximize Self-Confidence Without Compliments

Here’s a big shocker for you: no one, absolutely no one, is born feeling spectacular about oneself. It’s not like you get to be two years old and feeling like you can land the biggest account for Microsoft or something like that, or a master of the Jedi arts like Luke Skywalker. Although as a child, you’ll feel like you’re the center of the universe, but 9 times out of 10, you throw your tantrums like your universe is nothing more than a playroom with old, raggedy dolls and tampered-with toys that smell sort of funny. It makes sense that just about toddler looks like an atom bomb waiting to blow….

Take It Easy on Yourself When It Comes to How You Maximize Self-Confidence

Seriously, though: everyone gets upset over the fact that they’re a little low on self-confidence. It’s okay. You weren’t born with it. When you maximize self-confidence, there’s no methodology behind any of it. Forget any manuals or how-to books you’d find at the Barnes & Noble, because none of those will ultimately help enough. Your ability to maximize self-confidence won’t even come from me and what I’m writing to you.

Essentially, how you maximize self-confidence comes directly from you, and only you, focusing on removing your limitations to your potential. You want to feel great about how you’re living your life? Simply put, live your life without any boundaries (within context, of course — I’m not giving you free license to jump off the Empire State Building!).

Secondly, it’s always important to emphasize your positives over the negatives. Easier said than done, yes; but there are ways to do that, which will help you maximize self-confidence to the extreme. Thirdly, and lastly — but quite possibly the most important lesson to learn — you have to realize that whatever efforts you accomplish in your life, just know that you don’t get your confidence from what you accomplish. It’s actually the complete opposite.

I Know — Easier Said Than Done — I Know

That would be your first mistake, of course: doubt. It’s the misstep leading to many more in the future, leading you down the wrong path. Resist. Focus. Maintain the open mind.

That’s important, because some of the best victories you’ll have in your life don’t happen because they were meant to. They happen because you willed it to….

(And no one ever said it was going to be easy….)

(But that won’t stop you from striving to accomplish it, right?)

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Why ArtPrize Isn’t Just About Art, But About Community Nourishment

If you’re a Grand Rapids metropolitan native (like I am), you know that there’s one event the city’s known for, quite possibly within the entire United States: it’s called ArtPrize, that fanatical display reaching miles worth of a radius around the downtown area, from Coit Creative Arts Academy to the Ford Museum and all over sidewalks randomly. Displays of art for all to see, everything from the bizarre to the pristine and elegant, and everything in between.

ArtPrize is a one of a kind. That’s for sure. Here’s the thing, though: I don’t look at it as just a ‘festival’ where people get to see works of art and artists get to compete. It’s so much more than that:

What Community Relies on: Public Spaces for Society to Come Together in Fellowship

I don’t mean to sound all ‘chippery,’ but it’s true. When good people, as we all are in Grand Rapids, Michigan, come together in fellowship — either randomly on the Rapid, or for something as historic as the fireworks display on the bridge during July 4th — ultimately we’re nourishing a community, the fabric and building block of a city to keep the metropolitan heart pumping loud and clear.

This is what fuels a city from the ground up. Can you imagine if the residents of Grand Rapids, Michigan, never really spoke to each other at all or even saw each other on the streets? We’d undoubtedly have a dying city.

Mayoral candidate Rosalynn Bliss obviously sees this just fine with her initiative to promote neighborhoods in Grand Rapids as the true building blocks of our city. Without them, we’d have nothing. Without our people, we’d have no ArtPrize, really!

ArtPrize: a Time Where All of Grand Rapids, MI, Can Come Together

This goes for just about festival on schedule for Grand Rapids, Michigan, too. Truly. Remember then: it’s not just about the piece of art you’re looking at (or voting for). It’s also — and quite possibly more importantly — who you’re with while you look at it.

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Meet Joe Delfgauw

Hi, My name is Joe Delfgauw and I am a serial entreprenuer.  In the late ’90s I stared seven companies that were all intertwined, a marketing company, a real estate brokerage, a mortgage company, a property management company, a credit repair company and two investment companies.  Because of my marketing knowledge I knew how to generate an unlimited number of leads and we funneled those leads to the department which was appropriate at the time based on the client’s circumstances.  Some of my accomplishments were 1,300 people with under 500 credit scores bought homes.  My investors bought 128 rental properties and I accumulated a net worth of over three million dollars.

With the mortgage bust of 2007, 2008 and 2009, It completely wiped me out.  I turned my skills to online marketing.  Since then, I own well over 100 websites, have created several different business opportunity campaigns, am one of the internet’s largest lead generators for employment, education, real estate and weight loss.

As of this date in 2012, my companies are on the rise I hope to add value to your life if you choose to do business with me.  If you would like to get in contact with me click here.

On a personal note, I am a single father.  Nutrition, traveling and business systems are my hobbies and passions.  As well as one day meeting the right woman.

For more information, click on the tabs above.  In order to get in touch with me through social media sites, check out facebook, linked-in and other social sites.


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