3 Ways to Maximize Self-Confidence Without Compliments

Here’s a big shocker for you: no one, absolutely no one, is born feeling spectacular about oneself. It’s not like you get to be two years old and feeling like you can land the biggest account for Microsoft or something like that, or a master of the Jedi arts like Luke Skywalker. Although as a child, you’ll feel like you’re the center of the universe, but 9 times out of 10, you throw your tantrums like your universe is nothing more than a playroom with old, raggedy dolls and tampered-with toys that smell sort of funny. It makes sense that just about toddler looks like an atom bomb waiting to blow….

Take It Easy on Yourself When It Comes to How You Maximize Self-Confidence

Seriously, though: everyone gets upset over the fact that they’re a little low on self-confidence. It’s okay. You weren’t born with it. When you maximize self-confidence, there’s no methodology behind any of it. Forget any manuals or how-to books you’d find at the Barnes & Noble, because none of those will ultimately help enough. Your ability to maximize self-confidence won’t even come from me and what I’m writing to you.

Essentially, how you maximize self-confidence comes directly from you, and only you, focusing on removing your limitations to your potential. You want to feel great about how you’re living your life? Simply put, live your life without any boundaries (within context, of course — I’m not giving you free license to jump off the Empire State Building!).

Secondly, it’s always important to emphasize your positives over the negatives. Easier said than done, yes; but there are ways to do that, which will help you maximize self-confidence to the extreme. Thirdly, and lastly — but quite possibly the most important lesson to learn — you have to realize that whatever efforts you accomplish in your life, just know that you don’t get your confidence from what you accomplish. It’s actually the complete opposite.

I Know — Easier Said Than Done — I Know

That would be your first mistake, of course: doubt. It’s the misstep leading to many more in the future, leading you down the wrong path. Resist. Focus. Maintain the open mind.

That’s important, because some of the best victories you’ll have in your life don’t happen because they were meant to. They happen because you willed it to….

(And no one ever said it was going to be easy….)

(But that won’t stop you from striving to accomplish it, right?)

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